The Friends of Maplewood Nature was formally formed in 2007 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3). For the benefit of the community, Friends of Maplewood Nature complements tax dollars spent on management of these natural areas and the Nature Center’s educational programs. Anyone can be a member. You do not have to live in Maplewood to be a member and donations are welcome!!

Maplewood Nature Center (MNC) was created in 1979 because citizens recognized the need for green space within a busy community. Since the beginning, MNC has provided environmental programs to educate school children and the public.

In 1993, the Center expanded its mission when the citizens of Maplewood overwhelmingly voted for a five-million-dollar referendum to purchase open spaces identified by the Open Space Committee. The Neighborhood Preserve system now has 14 sites.


Educational: Connect children with nature, and offer adults practical environmental classes.
Environmental: Model nature resources and invasive species management, and provide habitat for native plants, trees, and animals.
Economic: Attract prospective home buyers, and attract regional visitors who patronize local businesses.
Recreational: Provide space for outdoor activities, and provide space to sit quietly with nature.

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